Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catan Setup v0.1.2

The following changes are now in version 0.1.2 :
Added trading ports.  Trading ports are spaced every other hex around the perimeter of the main board.  The are oriented towards the longs row of tiles.  They can be shuffled.
Added Pan/Zoom - The addition of ports make the map appear smaller on screen.  The map can be panned around using your finger.  Clicking the Zoom/Pan button toggles between panning and zooming.  When in Zoom mode, sliding your finger up magnifies, down makes the map smaller.
Tweaked the layout to hopefully better center the map on various display resolutions.

Next steps:
Add expansions.
Add NQR-Dice (Not-Quite-Random dice utility)

Comments appreciated.
Any interest in the development tribulations and how solved?

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